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Aerials Satellites & Freeview : FAQS

Is all your work guaranteed?

We provide a three year labour and parts guarantee as standard on all new aerial installations and a one year guarantee on all other work supplied and installed by us.

Are you insured to carry out aerial, satellite and Freeview installations at my home?

Our company is fully insured to a value well exceeding the worth of any property we undertake work in; our policy is maintained with a specialist company tailoring insurance for skilled tradesmen. This is more than adequate, and typically higher than most similar businesses within our industry.

Are there any costs involved in getting an accurate estimate from you?

In short, no there aren’t. We’ll be able to provide an accurate estimate for all new aerial installations and standard satellite and Freeview installations including non-standard complex satellite installations and “problem solving” jobs; we’ll be happy to come over and take a look at any job so we provide a really accurate estimate free of charge.

You sound like a good company, what do I do now?

Use our email, website contact form or phone number to get in touch and share as much information about your project as you are able to. We’ll then be able to advise what else we need to see before we can supply a quote.


Once you are happy with a quote we’ll pop round at a convenient time for you and get cracking. We’re very tidy, quiet and generally unobtrusive so whilst we can’t guarantee you won’t notice we’re there, you’ll certainly have minimal disruption and interference with your normal routine and way of living.

Can I arrange an appointment for a time that suits me?

Yes, in short; we try as much as we can to work round your requirements and arrange appointments for the most convenient time for you. The only thing to bear in mind is that whilst we might seem superhuman sometimes, we’re actually just regular people who have to use the road network just like everyone else so delays are sometimes unavoidable.


During busy periods there may be a compromise that needs to be made between the perceived urgency of a job and the most convenient hours to complete it. For example if you book in a complex multi-room Sky installation on 20th December and you want the job complete by Christmas Eve, plus you can only have us there between 8pm and 9pm on a Thursday, you might have to rationalise your expectations in some way to make the biggest priority (your installation) happen!

Can you price match against other installation companies?

We will do our best to price match on a like for like basis from similarly skilled and reputable companies, however we do ask that you appreciate that a £50 installation from a spotty teenager at a media provider will not be of the same quality as the work we carry out and is therefore not considered “like for like”. We will not price match against a verbal quotation or after we have provided an installation.

Are there any hidden costs or unexpected costs that might crop up?

We will provide you with a written quotation detailing the recommended works to be carried out, and the total price, inclusive of VAT. Normally, that’s the price you pay, done and dusted. In the unlikely event of us finding unexpected complications, we’ll be sure to discuss these with you at the time, guide you through the most economical fixes and options plus no increase in quoted price will be made unless specifically agreed in writing with you.

What if I have a problem with my installation?

This is highly unlikely but rest assured that all you need to do is call our office and we’ll get an engineer out to take a look ASAP. There’s no charge for any work we do to fix issues with our work or equipment whilst it is still under guarantee.

We have engineer's that can complete work in the following areas:

Aerials Satellites and Freeview we are dedicated expert installation and equipment suppliers covering the areas of London, Surrey, Kent and Middlesex
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