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DAB and FM/AM Radio Aerial Installation for Commercial Property London, Surrey & Kent

DAB Aerials for Commercial Properties

We can professionally install external DAB aerials for pubs, restaurants, offices, shops, hotels, gyms and residential communal properties i.e. blocks of flats.


DAB stands for Digital Audio Broadcasting (the name of the system) and this type of radio signal can eliminate hissing, crackling or fade that can often spoil the analogue radio transmission. Around 93% of the UK can receive DAB digital radio, but reception is often poor when using the small, weak aerials supplied with DAB radios or sound systems with DAB capability.


The best way to ensure perfect reception and enjoy all the benefits that DAB has to offer is to have a specific DAB aerial installed high up on the exterior of the building either as an individual or shared resource. We can perform professional DAB radio aerial installations and test coverage to ensure a great result.

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FM/AM Radio Aerials for Commercial Properties

Installing an external FM/AM radio aerial can help with reception problems in many buildings that currently suffer from crackling, hissing, fading out or total disappearance of the radio signal. We can perform professional FM/AM radio aerial installations and test coverage to ensure a great result.



When we install or repair radio aerials to commercial properties, we will always use the best quality DAB and AM/FM radio equipment and components; we’d normally advise the use of top brands such as Televes, Triax and Antiference, all of whom supply reliable, high performance receiving equipment that, when combined with our installers’ skills, will guarantee a great reception for your business.


Aside from knowing that the company you engage is using equipment that will perform and be long lasting, you also need to know that the engineer they send to complete the installation is reliable before you let them install or repair systems that are vital to your business.


Aerials Satellites and Freeview recommends that all prospective clients review our exemplary Checkatrade reputation which features glowing reviews from other commercial clients and to further reassure you we guarantee all work and parts for

3 years on new DAB and FM/AM radio aerial installations.


There are certain questions that most businesses will want to ask, so we’ve created a special section of the site with our response to them and this area should give you all the information you need to know before you request a quote for your commercial property. If there’s anything that we haven’t covered that is specific to your commercial radio aerial installation then do drop us a line and we’ll be happy to talk you through the issue as it relates to your business.


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