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Sky Installations For Residential Properties London, Surrey & Kent

In spite of the growing popularity of Freeview and Freesat, Sky is still the premium choice for sport, movies and getting the latest hit TV series before anyone else.


We provide a quality Sky installation service that means you really get the best out of this paid subscription service. There are the usual HD and on-demand options available and you may wish to consider one of the combination subscriptions that include phone and broadband as well. In order to install Sky we’ll need to make sure you have a satellite dish in the correct position outside your home.


We specialise in discreet, effective placement of dishes that means you get great signal reception without compromising too much on the aesthetic of your house.


We’re not “stick the dish up and leave” merchants, we stay to thoroughly test the system and after making sure everything works perfectly, we provide a full customer care handover to ensure you are comfortable operating your new Sky system.



We will always use the highest quality equipment and components in our Sky installations; including Triax, Raven and WF100 cabling.

The products we select from these leading equipment manufacturers are CIA approved; this is an industry standard for quality and performance and a benchmark against which all equipment is measured.


We are a totally independent Sky installer which means that you get a different level of service than you’d expect from an installer who was contracted to Sky.

For example, we can carry out work that regular Sky engineers can’t touch, so if you’ve been told you can’t have Sky then we might be able to do something about that. In addition you can rely on the installation engineer to do a good job, from the quality of the work through to their tidiness, politeness and punctuality. Have a look at our exemplary Checkatrade reputation.


There are certain things that everyone needs to know before requesting a quote from a new tradesman, so we’ve created a special section of the site with common questions and answers to give you all the information you need to know. If there’s anything that we haven’t covered that you’d like to know about Sky installations then do drop us a line and we’ll be happy to connect you to an expert who can help.

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We have engineer's that can complete work in the following areas:

Aerials Satellites and Freeview we are dedicated expert installation and equipment suppliers covering the areas of London, Surrey, Kent and Middlesex
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